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Powerflush  Why Powerflush your Heating System?  Clears your heating system of sludge pro-longing its life More efficient causing your heating bills to drop significantly Helps prevent breakdowns of your heating system Makes your heating system eligible to be covered by insurance companies such as Corgi, Homeserve and British Gas What can happen if you do

Carbon Monoxide Alarms (Co2 Alarms)

As of October 2015 Carbon Monoxide Alarms (CO2 Alarms) will have to be fitted as standard practice to all UK homes due to new legislation. The figures are scary! Over 80 people are killed per year in the UK due to Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Over 500 people are admitted to hospital every year due to Carbon

Top 10 Combi Boilers

We are asked often what is the best Combi Boiler? It isn’t an easy question to answer as every house is different and the boiler must perform accordingly to the specific property. None the less here is our opinion: 10. The Heatline Capriz Plus 28Kw Combi Boiler(2 year warranty – No Labour) 9. Glow Worm