Why Powerflush your Heating System? 

  • Clears your heating system of sludge pro-longing its life
  • More efficient causing your heating bills to drop significantly
  • Helps prevent breakdowns of your heating system
  • Makes your heating system eligible to be covered by insurance companies such as Corgi, Homeserve and British Gas

What can happen if you do not Powerflush your Heating System?

  • May result in buying a new boiler
  • May have to re-pipe your heating system

These can be costly.

Is there a cheaper way? 

NO, not to remove the sludge, however, once your Heating System has been Powerflushed, we recommend installing a Magna Clean.

What is a Magna Clean and How will it benefit you?

The Magna Clean filter is a high efficiency magnetic filter which removes virtually 100% of circulating sludge. This comes from iron oxide deposits in your central heating system and removing these can help keep your system operating at its best. Even a small amount of sludge in your heating system can dramatically decrease its efficiency, causing cold spots in your radiators and reduce the lifespan of your boiler.